Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wednesday, August 10th

I felt better when I woke up, so I packed my things and caught a boat to San Pedro. Because I was still quite weak and a bit dizzy, I took a tuk-tuk to my school. The internet was working at the school and I was an hour early for my class, so I Skyped with Sierra and Chuck for a little while. We even got to use video this time! Our two other Skype sessions had been a bit temperamental and we couldn’t use video, so this was nice.
I had my first 5 hour class with Josefa at La Escuela Cooperativa.

She is a great teacher and jumped right in with what I need to learn. There was salsa dancing this night, but I was still feeling pretty crappy, so I was thinking I would at least watch the salsa class, but then right after class Alejandra, my homestay mother, met me at the school and walked me to her house. Since she had gone to the trouble of coming to meet me, I decided to give up on the salsa for that night.  Every town around this lake is built on steep hills! She showed me to my room on the third floor, and left me to rest. In a half hour, Alejandra called up for dinner. She had prepared the perfect dinner for someone who had been sick, a chicken-based potato soup. It was wonderful, and was the first substantial food I’d eaten in two days. At dinner I met “Jia” (this is not her real name, but it’s close and it’s what she uses here because her name is too difficult for people), the other girl who is staying at the house. After a short conversation with the two of them, I headed up to bed.

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