Friday, August 12, 2011

Sunday, August 7th

Leave Chajul – The power was still out when we left at 8:00 the next morning, and we’d heard that it was massive and the entire region of Quiche was without power! Although power outages are common in these areas, ones this widespread are not. After a stop in Nebaj to drop off Lindsay and Christina, we headed to Chichi.
Market day in Chichicastenango – After being turned away from about 3-4 parking lots, we found one, parked, and hit the market! Carol Ann and I made it down one long street out of about 6 long street and all of the connecting side streets that were lined with vendors! It was a bit crazy, but we bought some fun stuff. I had been interested in a couple of beautiful little fabric squares that were embroidered with Mayan designs, a mountain, and Lake Atitilan, but she wanted more than I felt I should spend. It wasn’t that they weren’t worth what she wanted, I just couldn’t justify spending 500Q on something like that. Unfortunately, these vendors think that tourists have unlimited amounts of money and they will not stop once you show some interest. She followed me to the restaurant we were meeting at. I told her that they were beautiful and that I would love to buy them, but I just didn’t have that much money to spend and I had to go in and eat lunch. She was waiting for me when we came out! I made the mistake of stopping and looking at them and thinking about it again, so then she followed me all the way to the van. We had to gently push her back out of the doorway before we slid it shut. Then I tortured myself the rest of the way to Panahachel, thinking I should have just borrowed some money from one of the others and bought them!

Here is a photo of the man who owns the restaurant (or works there or something?) dressed in traditional garb, I think he dressed this way because he knew we were coming.

Arrive at Lake Atitlan – After checking in to our hotel in Pana, we hit the streets and did a little more shopping until we met again for dinner. After dinner, we went another place and got drinks. I was falling asleep, so after one, a few of us went back to the hotel. The “kids” (not necessarily an age-specific term in this case!) went and found a place with music and danced the night away!

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