Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tuesday, August 2nd

IMEBCO/IDSI visit – This morning we went to visit the third middle school in Chajul, IMEBCO, which also shares a building with the high school IDSI. It turns out that the principals of the two schools share the same office, and we talked with and learned the history mostly form the high school director. After a bit the middle school director joined us. It was a fascinating discussion where we heard of similar issues to or own, such as too much different curriculum content to teach and do a good job teaching, too much change every time there is a change in political party, and lack of money and basic resources like computers and text books. They want students to become teachers so that they can teach the next generatin of youth better than their own, and then they will be able to learn about more specific carreers in the near future. As soon as 2013, the IDSI director hopes to offer three more career choices: nursing, accounting, and one other thing???

Library – After lunch we finished moving the last two shelves for the library, and most people painted the big “Bienvenidos! Saber Sin Limites” mural. I worked on drafting a design for the story bleachers, and then we explained it to the carpenter who was installing the door today. I ended up having to change the design into to two pieces so we’d be able to fit it through the door, so I’ll re-draft it tonight and give the final design to him tomorrow. He gave us an estimate to do it – 700Q. His estimate seemed high to us, so we’re going to check with a local to see what they think.

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