Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday, July 29

After an amazing crepe with Nutella, bananas & strawberries at Don Diego Cafe, and a short visit to show my roommate Carol Ann “El Mercado” (the market), the nine of us left in a microbus for Chajul. After I think a couple hours, we stopped in Chichicastenango for lunch and had time to explore a little. We’ll return there to spend a couple hours visiting the biggest market in Guatemala on our way to Lake Atitlan. I had a scary, but eventually successful encounter with an ATM machine – at first it didn’t give me my money, but then I realized that I’d pushed a wrong button and it worked when I tried it again. An adorable little old toothless lady gestured for me to take her picture, so I did…

After about four hours of driving on roads that had more speed bumps and washouts than I’ve encountered in my whole life put together, we arrived in Nebaj, where the the LHI program directors live so they could drop off and pick some things. We had time to explore that town a bit, and then left for the last 45 minutes into Chajul. It was raining and dark by the time we got into town, so we couldn’t see much. We started to drive down narrow, muddy sort of road, but abandoned the idea after spinning out a bit. So we unloaded all our gear and hoofed it in the rain and complete darkness (street light definitely do not exist here) down a moderately sloped muddy sort of road about 100 yards to our posada (little hotel). We divided up into rooms, each took a bunk, and crashed for the night. (Below is a photo I took of it the next day.)

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